Draw Reports
Draw Reports


For Construction

Manage Your Budget

Budgets do not have to be complicated to manage. We give you the tools to keep track of your budget and budget changes as you go.

Budget Changes

Changes to your budget are going to happen, keep track of the changes made and keep everything current in your budget.

Change Orders

Change your budget at any time, get the owner's approval with a signature, and notify the lender

Budget Reporting

Create custom reports over all projects to check on key metrics in your budget like overages, and shortages.

Draw Reports

Securely Sync Invoices

No need to input information in two places, we automatically handle saving your invoices to QuickBooks online for you.


You are in control, we let you customize how your invoices are saved into QuickBooks Online.

Vendor Management

QuickBooks and Draw reports keep your vendor's information synced so they always have the correct information.

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Tools For Your Draw

Organizing construction loan draw requests are simpler with our automated solutions. Marshal draw requests and project budgets with clarity. Keeping you up to date on your financial track.

Manage Invoices

Manage lien waivers and invoices in one place. Give inside into missing invoice or waivers.


AIA files and draw report documents are automatically generated when the draw is submitted.


Always get info into your draw with advanced customizable reports at your finger tips.

Secure Cloud Based Platform

Project Portal

Give project view access to the parties you chose to streamline visibility and communication. 

Clear communication

Portal users can see real-time changes to the project. Reducing phone calls and emails.

Give Access

Invite the parties you chose to view a project and revoke access at any time.

Share what you want

You decide what each user can see, from the budget, change orders, draws, and more.

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Draw Reports

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